The End – SNHU Term 1

As I’m approaching the end of week 7, I can’t believe its the last week of my first term at SNHU. There were some struggles along the way. But I’ve taken note not to let them happen again. Thus far, both classes stand a potential for an ‘A’. My final draft of my persuasive essay was submitted this morning, I have a final exam in mathematics to complete. The last assignments for week eight are minimal. Meanwhile, I have a long work week ahead with an upcoming vacation.

It seems like yesterday I started college again. I was part confident and part scared. The confidence came from past experiences of online classes. I knew the fast paced schedule of reading, discussion, and assignment or exam for each week. Yet, part of me was uncomfortable because I didn’t know the instructors, how they taught, their expectations and a defect of character of my own – my own expectations. But as weeks went by the grades reflected what I was doing was an excellent job. But I can’t say there wen’t some rough patches.

As mentioned before, working at WM during this pandemic and the change in management put a whole new spin on stress. Every night I have to bust my arse to get things done. It get frustrating working with those who simply put – do not care. Yet, they are still employed. On the other hand (and it took me a long while to get a grip on it), I can’t worry about THEM. I have to worry about what I do on a daily basis and get it done – period.

But that doesn’t mean by the time I got home each night I wasn’t physically, mentally and spiritually exhausted. There were days I just wanted to throw in the towel. I questioned whether I was doing the right thing. Then I have to remind myself – we’re here again, are we going to repeat the past? Stomping my foot down, I said, “No” and I meant it. There were nights I slept a couple hours, went to work and repeated. But it had to be done. I’m not going to throw away this experience. No matter how hard things got I’m not doing to disappoint myself.

For some reason I had convinced myself my final draft of my essay was due next week. Last night I checked to make sure all my assignments were completed, so I could concentrate on my mathematics class. Suddenly I freaked out because the essay was actually due on Sunday (tomorrow). I knew I had some small revisions but mostly the formatting in APA format was going to take a while with my eight sources. Despite how tired I was this morning, I kicked off my shoes and got to work. Whether it was done correctly for not I can only hope I caught all the necessary formatting parameters. The content of the essay is what matters most. We’ll just have to wait and see. However, I am confident I’m going to do well no matter what.

The only things left is a mathematics exam tomorrow on the last four sections. No final exam on all the material – thankfully. It’s a three hour, 12 question, you must write out thoroughly how you solved each problem step by step type exam again. The material isn’t that difficult but I need to pace myself and make sure I’m not making small mistakes. The plan as with all exams is to do the ones I know for sure leaving the more difficult ones to the end when I have more time.

The final week of classes are not major milestones, so I’m not worried about them. English is a “reflection” on our writing and mathematics is just another new module with an assignment at the end. I’m not going to rush myself to get them done but I’m also not going to wait until the last minute.

The week of the Christmas holiday my schedule is all wacky. First, I work six days straight before I get a day off on Tuesday (12/22). I work Wednesday with another day off on Thursday (12/24 – because technically our shift stars a new day, hence Christmas when the store is closed). I return Friday and Saturday. However, Sunday (12/27) through Wednesday (12/30) I have all days off – my mini vacation.

No plans to go anywhere or do anything. Besides with the current situation of the pandemic in my area, I have a feelings things are going to change rapidly in the next couple of weeks anyway. Besides, I have plenty of small house chores to do. First, put a dresser together I bought weeks ago so I can stop living out of plastic storage bins. Second, clean this damn house from top to bottom. The third and probably most important thing is to just relax. Put the last term of school behind me and not worry about work. I was actually thinking of reading my text book for my “Introduction to Scripting” class next term which starts Jan 4, 2021.

Right now I can feel the mountain of pressure on my shoulders starting to fade away. For me it’s a small accomplishment. Perhaps I’ll take some time to due a short review of how I can improve both academically, professionally, and personally. Honestly, I really don’t know. The only way I’ve gotten through all of this is tackling whatever comes in front of me for that day, nothing else.

Whine – do I have to go to work now??? UGH

2 thoughts on “The End – SNHU Term 1

  1. You are doing great! It is admirable that you were able to kit a snag like a mis read due date and shift gears to get it done!
    Clearly you are a planner and prepared. And it is paying off!

    Good luck in math!



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