It’s Time for A Change. Something New . . .

First, I want to thank everyone who follows this blog; I really do appreciate all the support. In turn I hope I hope others achieve their sobriety goals. Whatever, they may be. Meanwhile, my life has gotten mundane. Therefore, I’m going to add a new section to his blog which details the accounts another part of – the gamer.

Years past I was never able to afford to play, not did I have the right computer system to play games like World of Warcraft or any others. While I do play WoW, on occasions, I have played mostly played text-character based games called MUDs which are free (to a point).

In 2005 or 2006 when we still had modems to ‘dial up’ to the Internet, I found a text-character based game called Achaea – Dreams for Divine Lands. I believed I used a Telnet client at first but found a better client called Mudlet. In summary, it’s a text-character based game (no video), with several races, classes, cities and organizations to join to help develop your character. People from around the world play this game. There is no ‘end game’. The game revolves around the characters interacting with each other. Of course, like the world we live in to, conflicts evolve either resolved through ‘diplomatic’ means or war. There are also Deities, Gods and Goddesses, that are involved in story lines but rarely ‘get involved in mortal affairs’. However, that doesn’t mean that the They don’t have conflicts among Themselves – it’s happened! Over the years, Iron Realms Entertainment (IRE), the parent company has really help bring some really interesting content to Achaea.

Right now, I’m currently playing a Dwarf, who is of the Runewarden Class and a citizen of a city-state called Cyrene. Here is my current description:

He is a stout dwarf. Standing about chest height you see long dark brown hair pulled in a ponytail
falling down his back. He also has a thick brown beard running down this puggy face again tied in
another ponytail. Both ponytails feature intricate knotwork. Thick eyebrows complement his piercing
green emerald eyes with rosy cheeks. You are surprised at his toned, muscular arms and legs despite
his lack of height and broad waist. His stature exudes perhaps a cautious manner until befriended
with loyalty to follow for many years later. A rune shaped like a mighty oak has been sketched onto
him (jera: +1 con and str). A rune resembling an elk has been sketched onto him (algiz: 10% dmg
reduction). A rune like a lion has been sketched onto him (berkana: lvl1 health regen).

Mazal, an Outrider Runewarden, a citizen of Cyrene

This time around, I have kept track of a lot of information. I’ll be honest, I’m to lazy to sit down, deal with Apache, PHP and MySQL (even though that is my preference as a programmer). But at the same time, the Garden (administration) heavily frowns on publishing information publicly. This doesn’t mean, I can’t keep the information private. This also doesn’t mean I can’t start a ‘dairy’ of my character explaining what he does on a daily basis (as long as I don’t divulge certain game information).

So my weekend, Monday and Tuesday (probably Wednesday and Thursday too, as I’m getting my second COVID vaccination with an allowance from my employer of paid leave if I have systems bad symptoms), you’ll probably see some posts begin to appear. I will make it a point for people who get email based notifications to have ‘Achaea: (something)’ in the title so you can just delete them if you aren’t interested in the content. They will not be numerous, either daily or none for a couple of days depending on my game play, as I plan to ‘journal’ my activities after each gaming session. Why? To be honest, I’m getting old, there is so much going on with the character, I can’t remember one day to the next, the who, what, where and when and sometimes its important to remember these things. Hence, the journal.

I’ll eventually get pages up on others topics like: What is a MUD? How Do I Play a MUD? I joined, what do I do now?

If you already play, please MSG Mazal! Enemy or not, I’d still like to hear from you. Perhaps we can join a secret Order? *laughing hysterically*


I’ve thought about this a long time. Now it’s time to do it.