Genealogy: A Step Back in Time

Before the invention of computers I have been interested in my family history. Over the years, I have compiled lots of information. With the help of Ancestry I was able to find pieces of information to finally solve puzzling facts about the family. Apparently, in a drunken stupor one night, with a click of the mouse it’s all gone. Now I’m starting all over again.

I have always wondered why genealogy became such a passion for me. Is it because I’m gay. Therefore the last descendant of my family to carry the family line, never to give birth to a son to carry it on? Or do I also want to feel attached to something because I have lost so much in my past? It wasn’t because I like history, I failed history every time because I wasn’t interested in all those people and dates. Yet, family history is quite different – a challenge.

Nowadays, one can find information thought lost found again rather quickly. For instance, before Ancestry, there were other genealogy sites to store information. Therefore, though it may not be on Ancestry the information was previously saved and can be found using a simply search. This time around, I’m going to go through the whole process very meticulously to ensure the information is right.

And suddenly I find another relative I couldn’t find the last time right off the bat. This time I’m attaching the person but leaving it there until I get to them. I need take the same approach as I do my sobriety, instead of “One Day”, I need to concentrate on “One Person” at a time.

Already I have 100+ hints I need follow up on. I can only laugh because in the past it drove me insane. Today, I just do what I’ve been doing for the last year – taking my time as things come.