Meditation & Prayer

Meditation and prayer are an important practice in recovery (Step 11). In the past, when I lived alone, it was easy for to meditate. I had another room, a room set up for my spiritual practices, where I would meditate at some point during the day. However, now my living arrangements don’t allow me to have such comforts, as I live with eight other gentleman in the same house. Therefore, I must find another way that works.

At first I thought about using the basement. Even if I had to find a nice corner where I would be able to plug in my laptop, put on some relaxing music for some quiet time. But living in Upstate New York the weather is starting to get nippy and basements typically don’t keep heat well. Or am I just making an excuse?

Another option was going to a park just up the street, putting down a blanket and allowing Nature to infuse me with its own serene music. I honestly don’t think there would be interruptions. Yet, the weather is going to be an issue in the future.

I do have an abundance of churches that surround me. Perhaps I could find a church which has an open door and find a quiet room. Something just doesn’t feel right using a Christian church to talk to Pagan Gods.

Whatever avenue I choose, I need to develop a discipline (which is another topic I’ll talk about tomorrow). Also I need to work on my laziness and procrastination (defects of character and shortcomings). So the whole process will be good for me.

Any comments, questions or suggestions would greatly be appreciated . . . always!

3 thoughts on “Meditation & Prayer

  1. Sammy

    Do you have a Unitarian Universalist near you? I know plenty of pagans that attend UU churches.

    You could also consider going to a local library. Sitting in a library for a period of time, with a laptop open and headphones on is generally not behavior that attracts attention.

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  2. Just enter you own ‘heart space’ in the stillness of your beating heart. Meditation is simply calming your body and mind, and finding your centre, in your heart. I find being in nature very soothing, as I do any creative process when I am in the flow, as that is meditation for me. When I am in deep meditation, I see the future and am aware of everything in the moment, as far as my perception perceives, and I get revelations or understandings about things that I didn’t understand before. . Just slow down, relax, lie down, take some deep breaths, focus on each part of your body getting heavier and heavier until you feel really heavy as though you could go through the ground, then trust and allow your heart and mind to speak. Sometimes, negative stuff may come up, especially if something has been in denial, not dealt with, but that is good, feel it, learn from it, and process it… Other times, I am in total bliss and peace.. There are many techniques for meditation, from hatha yoga to creative visualisation techniques… ❤ Do what works for you! I invite you to my meditation music channel: cheers, Bridget :).


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