Weekend in Review

This weekend had its ups and downs. The weather was, normal for New York, odd. It was sunny, rainy, windy, damn arse cold and there where a few snow showers with no accumulation. Sunday, as posted, wasn’t as hard to get through after going to meetings and keeping myself busy. However, on the way home my roommate decided to (finally) disclose his decision to extend his time in this residential program. Right this moment, I don’t know what I’m going to do in the future, so I’m going to explore my opportunities a bit while I have time.

Over the weekend the weather in Upstate New York was all over the place. We woke up to nice sunny mornings in the mid-30’s Fahrenheit. Despite the rather chilly temperatures, sometimes it was comfortable outside for just a minute until the wind picked up. It definitely wasn’t wearing shorts weather more like put get the winter jackets back out (hopefully for the last time). On Sunday, it was a combination of all three: sunny, windy/blustery, rainy, damn arse cold and a few snow showers. I wrote on FB, “Mother Nature and Father Winter must be having an argument right now. It’s sunny, rainy, snowing, windy and damn as cold out!” Can we just have a comfortable Spring before the “hot days of Summer” are thrust upon us, please?

Knowing Joe’s one year anniversary of passing was coming I tried to prepare myself for whatever feelings may come my way. Can you really “prepare yourself”? Not really. After a meeting and writing my post in this journal it helped. My Sponsor and I talk about it too. I told him, “You must remind me of Joe. I miss him so much.” Honestly, I think I really needed all those crying sessions.

There was an area business meeting of General Service Representatives for AA. I’ve been attending the meetings because our GSR for several groups I help as chairperson has been out due to a knee surgery. I keep hearing about a Registrar position open and I also wanted to know about the local website. Finally, I got my chance to talk to the DCM and Treasurer. A vote next month will determine if I become Registrar and the Treasurer has put me in touch with the person responsible for the website because it needs updating and such. There are two reasons for this decision. One, I have to much of my free time. Two, I want to get involved at the area level with my computer related skills because there is definitely a technological gap with those in the this area. On on hand you have old timers who like everything on paper, yet younglings (in the halfway house) who prefer to find all their information on their phones. Perhaps I can be the bridge which brings everyone together?

Lastly, before I head out to my meeting with my Case Manager in my residential program this morning, my roommate, who I had plans to get jobs and move out of the program in August, has done a right about face. Honestly, I heard bits and pieces during our Easter visit with his family but he finally disclose his decision to me last night. So my question for my CM right now is – what are the specifics of continuing to live in this program (i.e. “x” amount of time, jobs, college, etc.)? I’m not sure if I should get a job, move out or go back to college for my Bachelor’s in Computer Engineer / Computer Science.

I also want to ask him about the CRPA (Certified Recovery Peer Advocate) program. My treatment Counselor stated they (the residential program I live in) sends people already to Syracuse to train for such a program. Really? After all the discussions with my CM about the CRPA and his interesting in me working for this company when I “graduate” or finish the program, he didn’t mention anything like this to me? Perhaps, I need to ask the right questions?

Lastly, Monday’s are just a busy day for me: CM mtg at 10:00 a.m., “AA Nooner” at 12 p.m., Residential House Mandatory Mtg at 1:30pm then Big Book Study at 8 p.m. At some point I need to do a few other things like apply for FAFSA for this term, if not to late, research colleges, local jobs, etc. So, Monday’s I do one thing at a time.

Have a great day everyone!

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