Movie: Conversations with God (2007)

As my roommate, Mr. N, emerges from whatever he is going through I recommended we watch Conversations with God. Originally I saw this during my first sobriety recommending it to others throughout the years. It has a very strong message, if one is willing to really listen.

Again, I am not a religious person, nor is this movie. It is truly spiritual in nature. From what I remembered it tells the story of a gentleman who falls on hard times, becomes an alcoholic and during his drinking spree begins to talk to a God of his understanding which helps him turn his life around. After watching it a second time, that scenario is not exactly true to my surprise.

There is no drinking involved, nor is the gentleman an alcoholic. Simply, he has experiences in his life where he becomes homeless and hopeless. Later on in his life he recognizes something helps guide him to a better life, if he is willing enough to listen.

It’s truly an inspiring story for anyone. Even Mr. N made a comment, though there was no drinking, he could relate to many parts of the movie. Perhaps, maybe, it will help him with whatever he is going through in his life. I know, for me, the message rings clear. Living a “God-conscious” life instead of “Self-conscious” life can change people, whether you are an alcoholic, addict or just another human being going through tough times.

“Chronicles the dramatic true journey of a struggling man turned homeless, who inadvertently becomes a spiritual messenger and bestselling author.”

Internet Movie Database (IMDb) – Conversations with God (2007)

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