Gratitude for Living

At 5:56 pm on Friday, June 25th, 1971, I was born into this world. Please, no pomp and circumstance. I have never been one to celebrate birthdays. While part of me wishes I didn’t waste a quarter of my life in addiction, my past can’t be changed. Today is another day I’m grateful to be alive.

A year ago I was traveling down another dark path in my life. Alcoholism had me in its grasp. I had no desire to stop drinking. My life was slowly turning into rubble all around me. Once again, I was alone sitting on a pity pot of resentments, fears and low self-esteem. I knew I was slowly killing myself. All I could do is watch my life slowly waste away in front of me.

A year later, my life has completely changed thanks to a Higher Power in my life and the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. No longer do I have a dark, bleak, gloomy outlook on life. Instead, I work through any issues and live life to the best of my ability because “there was nothing left for us but to pick up the simple kit of spiritual tools laid at our feet. (Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book, pg. 25″. I have a choice today either to live or to die – point blank, period.

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