The Ping Pong Game

As mentioned on many occasions, I’ve set a priority to get better grip on my dental hygiene. During my addiction I didn’t take care of myself. Now in recovery I am dealing with those consequences. It frustrating when its obvious I need services and can’t get them done because dentists want to shuffle me from one place to another.

With any provider I see I also disclose past medical programs: 70% loss of hearing in right ear, a transient ischemic attack (TIA) or known as a “mini-stroke” in May 2011, chronic kidney disease – Stage III, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and of course, my remission of alcoholism. All medical problems are under control but I thought it would be best to let all providers know. I guess I’m wrong.

In late June, I made an appointment with a new dentist. She noticed several teeth which need to be extracted. The internal oral surgeon says, “With all these teeth, the complexity of surgery and your health condition, it is best you see another oral surgeon.” Ummm, okay.

I’m referred to Wilson Dental in Syracuse – the only oral surgeon in 50 miles to accept my insurance (Medicaid/Fedelis/Dentaquest). Despite my bias against their office in Binghamton, I reluctantly make an appointment. After the consult we make a date for the surgery.

My medical doctor calls me a week later scheduling me for an appointment for a medical release for the surgery (which Wilson Dental didn’t tell me about). Two weeks later I’m in her office. She doesn’t understand why the oral surgeon is so concerned and clears me for surgery. She warns me in the future not to disclose past medical issues, just current ones – people or other doctors get scared and confused.

Finally Wilson Dental receives my medical release, after three attempts by my medical provider. Yet, I’m told the oral surgeon wants me to see a neurologist. Why? I’ve never been under the care of a neurologist. A week later I suddenly get a call saying I’m referred to Stone Memorial Hospital Oral and Maxillary department.

Last week, I received a call from Stone Memorial asking me to call for a consultation. I delayed it for days because I was on the fence of whether I should continue on this path. I finally called them today receiving the following response, “We’re really busy and can’t schedule you right now. Someone will call you when something is available.” Ugh. Why did you call me in the first place?

I’m just done playing this ping pong game; I’m done fighting. I’m not going to be part of it.

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