Consequences of A Drunkard

In active addiction, many of us don’t take of ourselves. Why? Because our addictions, whatever they are (alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, food, etc.) are more important. Many of us don’t see a doctor or dentist on a regular basis. I was just one of those people. High blood pressure and cholesterol are now managed through my primary care provider. My dental hygiene was another story. Now I’ve taken the steps to start taking better care of my oral hygiene. However, the consequences of a drunkard (me) are quite serious now. By using what people have taught me in Alcoholics Anonymous I can get through this. It’s going to be a bumpy road ahead.

After the whole fiasco trying to get this oral surgery done, I ended up talking to other people who said, “Why don’t you go somewhere else and get a second opinion?” Duh! The worst outcome is I would be responsible for an office visit charge. However, another oral surgeon may have other options for me. This was so true which leads to a bumpy road ahead.

I called in the insurance company finding another oral surgeon in my area. After scheduling an appointment at the end of September, they also put me on the cancellation list. To my surprise I ended up seeing the oral surgeon on Friday.

My dentist noted seven teeth need to be extracted.

Black X – missing Red X – needs extraction

It’s unbelievable what technology can show you these days. Usually you get single films of teeth or a panoramic x-ray. These days some oral surgeons do CT scans. Honestly, this may have saved a lot of complications for both the oral surgeon and myself in the future.

First, the oral surgeon(OS) says I have really strong teeth. Thanks Mom for making me drink all that milk when I was growing up! Then he got into the meat of all my problems. It’s not a pretty picture.

Teeth #2 and #15, the molars on the upper right and upper left have two complications. The roots are fused to the bone and “extremely close to the sinus cavity. Short story – lots of drilling and he may have to do some extra work if the sinus cavity is breached.

Tooth #10 is in the front of my mouth which use to have a crown. The crown fell off several years ago and is now decayed to the gum line. While looking at it the OS noticed something going on with #8 and #9. Both have crowns on them, however he noticed both have large abscesses too. His suggestion, “Both of those teeth need to get pulled too! Now rather than later because the infection can get a lot worse, real quick!” Therefore, he wants me to see my primary dentist to discuss replacing them with a partial denture after surgery.

The OS is also NOT going to use general anesthesia but “lots of Novocaine”. Scary, yes. But instead of doing all at once, he is going to do all this surgery in the series of five visits. So I’m looking at a couple months of going back and forth.

To be honest, this plan is fine with me. It is important I take care of this now while I have the opportunity. Whatever I have to do to ensure this happens is what I must do. The chemical dependency program I live in may not like it, nor Department of Social Services (an assumption). I’ll cross those bridges when and if it happens.

Another reminder for me to live “One Day at a Time”!

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