Well, the oral surgery is not going to happen now. In the past, it would have been me canceling the appointment several days out of fear. I was all ready to have the oral surgery done today. No fear but a little anxiety was expected. Unfortunately due to mistakes not of my own, things got screwed up in the end.

I had a standing 12:00 pm pick up time with the cab company. Sometimes they come early so started to wait outside at 11:45am. At 12:15 I called because no cab had picked me up. I was told there was a problem with their dispatch problem, to hold and someone would get back to me. Another five minutes passes and I’m told the driver is 10 minutes away. We wouldn’t be leaving my house until 12:35pm for a 12:45 appointment. Calmly as I could I told them to just cancel the trip.

I called the oral surgeon. They weren’t pleased (obviously). They aren’t sure if the oral surgeon will want to continue with any appointments. I told them I would call them back later.

Something completely out of my hands got all messed up. I was furious at first but ran to a meeting in progress directly after. What’s done is done – I can’t change it. There is no point in fuming of what could of or should of. There is no point is putting blame on one person or the other.

Luckily I didn’t cancel my end of September appointment with the original oral surgeon. I am also going to call back the office I was suppose to go to today to see if they are willing to reschedule at a later time.

I need time. I’m not angry but disappointed this all happened. I have to move on and not dwell on it. That is best right now.

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