Helping Others

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to help another alcoholic help someone close to him. His friend purchased a house on Echo Lake, Boonville, NY. The outside deck needed to be weatherized with some water proof sealing.

First of all, I was thankful to take a trip out there. Just to get back into the countryside again is so refreshing. I love nature. I realized I don’t do enough in it. There are plenty of places in walking distance from me to visit. I haven’t visited a single place all year. While the seasons are changing, I’m still going to try and do something nature related on either on or both days of the weekend in the future.

So here are some pictures of the house and it’s deck:

It was a relative easy job to do. At first I was nervous because I haven’t done this type of work since I worked at the Binghamton Zoo back in the 2008 – 2010. Honestly, I’m not interested in manual labor either. But I made a commitment and did it.

Here is a really good picture of Echo Lake:

This picture was taken closer to the road. However, the front window and porch look out toward the cove on the right side of the picture. The serenity I felt as we sat on the porch eating lunch was amazing.

It took four hours from the time we left the morning AA meeting until we got back home. It’s an hour ride back and forth, so we finish the job in a quick two hours. I was even handsomely paid for helping out!

The new owner has plans to expand the house. Currently its just one big room, the kitchen in the back and the attached bathroom. Apparently there are plans to expand to make it more appealing.

Honestly, if I was given the chance and had all the appropriate amenities (i.e. transportation, a good paying job, Internet) I wouldn’t mind living there at all. There would be challenges but still I think I could make it work. Unfortunately she bought the house and has it in a trust for her kids, so she isn’t able to rent it either (‘cus I asked!).

I enjoyed the trip, was grateful for someone asking me to help and helping someone (outside of AA) which needed help. If I didn’t accept the opportunity I wouldn’t have known what I missed.

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