Bumps in the Road

Today is one of those days where I’m on an emotional roller coaster. The first problem is I woke up with the expectation of something was going to happen my way. Obviously, it didn’t. However, I’m learning it’s not the end of the world. While there may be unexpected bumps in the road, I will get through this. As someone reminded me, “Time takes time.”

It’s been a month or more since my major oral surgery. I went to see my regular dentist today. She had nothing bad to say – everything appears to have healed well. Then she inserted the, “But . . .” New treatment plan. Have the remaining upper teeth all extracted and later a full upper plate denture.

Immediately, my thoughts, “Why me? Can’t a catch a damn break? I need to move on dammit.” Part of me wanted to explode, while the other half just wanted to cry a thousand tears, as well as everything else in between. I started to go through an emotional roller coaster. On the other hand, I knew I had to talk about it. As the taxi driver drove closer to the house I said, “Just drop me off at the corner, I’m going to the church.” It was time to go to a meeting.

The meeting definitely helped. The roller coaster hasn’t stopped but slowed down. “Slow down” was the message I got from the meeting. I know I have to only concentrate on today. As the minutes pass, the serenity is returning.

The roommate I haven’t really spoken to in two months just moved out. I feel a loss but at the same time I feel sorry for him. He’s reverted back to his old self, doing what he wants to do. It’s his journey not mine. All I can say is I wish him the best.

We’ll just have to see what happens, “One Day at A Time”.

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