Moving from a sober supportive living environment to independent living is stressful (or perhaps its just me). It’s been over a year, and than some, since I was last employed. However, within the last couple of days, I had an interview and accepted an offer. Things are great, right? Not just yet.

I am grateful for the opportunity to concentrate on my sobriety. As I did in my past, I did what I was told – meetings, sponsor, Steps and sponsor other men. I’m also involved in our local district supporting various committees. I’m committed to my sobriety no matter what.

Yet the prospect of looking for a job, accepting a job and then actually working was/is stressful. Ideally I would like to work in the recovery field again. While there are many jobs available, I’m not able to secure a job because the program I currently live in is also the prime source of those jobs. Therefore, I have to find employment outside, become stable on my own, then perhaps get a job back with them as an employee instead of a client.

Humbling myself to accept something out of my comfort zone was not easy. The offer I have accepted is part-time and overnights at a local Walmart. My program “approved” me to accept the position. In turn they have offered to keep me here and I would pay rent on a sliding scale. Honestly, this is not something I want to do. Technically I would have a month before my state funding would get closed and I would have to find my own place. Again, I have to practice gratitude and humility. I have to remind myself, despite my own thoughts about this program and how it is run, I just need to keep my mouth shut and be willing to work with them. UGH – that is so hard. And again – it’s only temporary.

If all works out I may be given an opportunity to work full-time at Walmart but its not a guarantee. On the other hand, I am close to completing my requirements to become a certified Peer Specialist. I do recognize I may have more opportunities in the future. For now I have to accept what is in front of me.

It’s going to be an adjustment.

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