The Beginnings of a New Life

I just finished two full days of work. Now I have two days off before I start my regular shift four nights, Thursday through Sunday. Part of me questions whether I’m going to last four days straight while the other part says, “Suck it up buttercup. Be grateful you have a job to begin with.”

The job isn’t hard. I actually enjoy doing something different every day. It’s the continuous walking for eleven hours. Technically its ten because I get an hour lunch. The point is by the time I get home, my legs just simply go numb (an exaggeration). It’s going to take time to get use walking long distances again. To be honest, I have a bike but I’m to damn lazy to have someone fix the chain that keeps falling off and adjusting the handlebars so they don’t move up and down. So I could resolve the problem, instead I admit my stubbornness. So I really shouldn’t complain.

One thing I find important based on my past is to keep the same sleeping schedule all week. Therefore I am going to head to bed around 10pm while waking up at 6pm. This will give me enough time to wake up with my morning Java and attend a meeting at night. Most of my appointments will be scheduled early in the morning on my days off.

There is a future opportunity, so I was told, I may be offered to work full-time. It would be nice in the pocket. Yet if it doesn’t happen for a while, I’m going to have to do my best living to pay rent, food and bills to the best of my ability with what I get paid. It’s going to be really tight. But at this point in time, I really have no choice. Besides I’m looking forward to living on my own again.

I ended staying up more than 24 hours on my first day of work. Last night, my roommate moved and through that process I just couldn’t sleep with all the banging. I did eventually fall asleep later for a couple of hours, so that helped. I’m actually surprised my brain is functioning right now. I can already feel my eyelids begin to become heavy so its time to start getting to bed.

Lastly, I have to remember to be grateful I have a job. This job gives me more opportunities to better myself by living independently from the programs I have live in for the last fourteen months. This is just the beginning of a brand new life again. I’m looking forward to it.

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