The Toll

Part of me, my alcoholic side, wants to just shut down this whole job business. The two mile walk to and from work, the eight hour work day, working in extremely cold temperatures during the shift is all taking its toll. Many times on my day off I’m playing catch up with everyone else running around all day after being up all night. Waking up an hour ago felt like I got hit by a two ton truck in my sleep and it’s not helping at all. I’ve just completely mentally, physically and spiritually tired and its NOT okay.

I know I should not make excuses. I don’t want to make excuses. I’ve wrecked my body over the years, strenuous job activity like this is almost unbearable. I hurt from head to toe when I come home. Sometimes I feel like if I stand up I’m going to fall right down. My hands hurt so much when I try to make a fist to a point of seizing. I’m mentioned before I applaud those in the retail/warehouse business who can bust their assess all night long stocking shelves both young and old. I just don’t know if I can do it anymore.

Today I had an appointment with the dentist. Another stage in getting my upper denture. Still probably won’t have it by the end of the month. Actually I’m not sure. With the new job I won’t have transportation through Medicaid for much longer so my hope is it’s sooner than later.

Didn’t get home until after 1pm. Just slept a good eight hours but tossing and turning with aches and drippy nose. It won’t surprise me if I’m coming down with something. Besides walking to work in the cold, at approximately 5am almost every morning we have to gather carts in the WM parking lot. The other day is was -12° with windchill. So I’m sure my exposure to the extreme cold is not helping either. Of course I don’t have any cough syrup. But I”m going to head to a Byrne Dairy (gas station, small market) to see what they have socked. I don’t care what the cost. I need to head any sickness off at any cost. Meanwhile, it’s just one cup of coffee and a bunch of water for the rest of the night.

Monday night I was down for the count. I was so tired I just wanted to sleep. My motivation was no where to be found. I did just that watching Bull Season 2. Took naps here and there thinking I would be refreshed and ready for my dental appointment. I was still yawning through the dental appointment to the disappointment with my dentist.

Meanwhile my to-do list is growing at an alarming rate. I have two counties I need to send recent pay stubs so they can officially close my case. I’m actively looking for an apartment to rent. I have some AA District business to look into. I just feel overwhelmed and procrastination is winning.

Today is not the day to fill my mind with unnecessary things. It all doesn’t have to be done right now. If I don’t drink lots of water and get lots of rest I’m going to have further programs. I can, however, set a new priority in my life by looking for another job.

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