Moving Along

Despite the whole COVID-19 (corona virus) turmoil going on in the world today, I’m still trying to move forward. Work at WM is rough but things are changing to night. I haven’t been able to find an apartment but I’m working on two possibilities. With the madness at work I’m not attending as many meetings as I like but I’m still attending a couple per week.

It’s been an interesting week at work. Sunday of last week our shelves were stocked. Our shortage started about Thursday when paper products were all sold out. People were literally grabbing stuff off pallets at the beginning of our 10pm shift. Parts of our the grocery isle cleared out on Friday. This weekend, starting today, it appears all 24 hour grocery chains will be closing at 11pm, reopening at 6am in WM’s case, so people like myself can stock and there is a hint of product on the floor when people arrive. This should be interesting.

In the meantime, my apartment search has been zip, zero, zilch. I don’t know if its the time of year, the COVID scare or there just isn’t anything available. But through networking I may have two leads I need to follow up on Monday. My friend’s place may have an opening and the woman who lives next door moved to a three bedroom from a two bedroom. Living next door is not ideal because I need to move from the population of the halfway house and supportive living but I may have no choice.

Unfortunately due to the strain on my body at work I’ve been sleeping a good eight to ten hours a night. Sometimes I’ll wake up with the alarm getting to a meeting an hour later. At other times, my roommate wakes me up, “Mike you going to work” so I wake up in a panic. This is the second week of working 40 hours which I’m not using as an excuse. Meetings are essential to my recovery – I need to attend them as much as possible. This is especially important at this stage in my life.

Days like today, I have to break down in hours. Just eight hours of work and it’s my weekend. Cities around us have cancelled meetings but I hope around here it’s not taken to such an extreme. Stay home if you’re or anyone around you is sick, wash your hands before and after a meeting, don’t touch (hug) others, otherwise come to a meeting ‘cus I’ll be there.

Move on…continue to move forward.

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