Still Adjusting to Life

During my drinking career I thought believed the world stopped on a dime for me. In recovery I’ve learned no matter what happens in my life the world revolves around the sun, the moon around the Earth, etc. – life goes on. Recovery teaches me I need to constantly make changes in my life.

For the past two weeks I’ve been lucky to have a physical meeting of a few of us recovering folks. Unfortunately it didn’t last long. Now I need to find meetings online again. Not an inconvenience at all; I just prefer physical meetings versus online meetings. As I discussed this with another, he dropped some disturbing news.

Literally, a couple hours earlier a news report published, “The health department says that an individual who recently tested positive had visited [my employer].” Apparently this was back on April 8th. While it does not disclose if its an employee or public person I have to believe that since we have been screened prior to that date the later would apply.

The point is I’m a little perturbed. I don’t work tonight. Have I received any notification from work about this and what to do, if anything? I guess I have to wait until Wednesday to find out? I could call but no one answers the phone in personnel. Scared? No. Worried? No. Perhaps I’ll be notified tomorrow? Honestly, I can say my employer is going above and beyond to protect the public and it’s employees. So, I’m just going to leave that as it is – so be it.

I still haven’t been able to find an apartment. I wish this whole COVID situation would finally come to an end which I suspect won’t perhaps even by this years end. I can only pray it will. Perhaps I need to practice some more tolerance and patience in this area. But dammit – I want it now! (chuckle)

The point is I’m still adjusting to this new life. I have to always make small adjustments because I know from my own experience when I get complacent – bad things happen. Recovery is a life long journey and it must be practiced on a daily basis. I have the tools and I use them, so I don’t have to drink – just one day at a time!

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