New Toys

I feel like a kid in a candy shop. I ran to WM this morning to buy a 43″ Roku TV. My computer did arrive but I have an issue. Also getting this head of hair shaved real fine like. I’m having to much fun today!

I’ve been eyeing this TV at WM for a week. I typically don’t make split decisions on big purchases. I think about it before I buy. But after passing it day in and day out knowing I could afford it I took the plundge. I was disappointed when the clerk told me the only TVs were on the floor. So I had her check in back (which we are not suppose to do – I had some pull there). There was ONE 43″ Onn Roku which was priced less than the one I was looking at. Sold! It’s even compatible with my old laptop which is a second plus too!

As I’m just setting up the TV, I get notified my compter has arrived too! I look outside to see no box. I happen to walk right past it because he put it at my neighbors side door. So I rip open the box and its so small which is awesome. It can literally fit right next to the Internet modem. Unplugged the old laptop, found the HDMI port or so I thought. It’s not a DHMI port, it’s a display port. So I have to run back to WM again to buy an adapter. Or hopefully my friend has an extra VGA cable lying around.

This day is going by quick. I need to start walking for my haircut. I’ll update this post later once I figure out the new computer.

Best day off ever!

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