Bye Bye Exciting Weekend

The weekend is at a close for me; I accomplished quite a bit, yet there is quite a lot to still do. Love the TV and the new computer. Thankfully, a bought this new computer because I have to bury the old one – it will not longer turn on. Depsite the lack of sleep in the last two days, I now belive my life will begin to return to normal.

Yesterday was kinda of chaotic for me. I got new TV and computer, yet I didn’t have the right equipment for either. Before I went to my friends house for a much needed haircut, I stopped at a local computer store right around the street. I just paid $5 for a VGA cable, so that solved that problem. Then his mother visited taking us to WM a while later and I picked up a screwdriver set so I could put the stand for the TV together. It wasn’t until 4pm when I got home with much more to do.

Got the computer up and running but was irritated to see a Trojan installed by the reseller. Quickly took care of that piece of junk and left a nice comment too. It runs smoothly. Later, after a short four hour nap, I also created a dual boot to Ubuntu 18.04 (my preferred Operating System). I don’t know why I went with Windows 10. It took literally two more hours to update. Ubuntu took less than an hour and I was up and running like my old system.

But there is still plenty to do. Since I didn’t back up (again, for the 1000th time) my laptop, all my information is gone. Nothing was really important except my gaming information. So I’m going to spend the next week copying all that material. But I’m also going to create a restore disk for Windows and create backups for both systems.

Unfortunately the old laptop suddenly just doesn’t want to turn on. It was on its way out anyway, hence the purchase of a new box. Thus, I’m grateful I was able to have funds to do such a thing. I just need to get a webcam, DisplayPort to HDMI adapter and probably get more RAM for the new system. It’s on a save list, I got to think about it first. No rush compulsive buying for me.

Overall, it was a nice weekend. I just hope I can get some quality sleep right now so I’m ready for work. Looks like this nasty cold spell is passing by with warming temperatures for next week. Maybe, just maybe we might have a few weeks of Spring before Summer is upon us? Instead of staying in the house all Spring and Summer, I’m going to plan some walks and activities. But that’s all later. I have some other small projects I need to finish. Sometimes I have to remind myself to continue to put one foot in front of the other, skip jumping around is not allowed.

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