News is Changing Rapidly

Honestly, sometimes I feel like I live in a bubble. Sober me in my protective bubble while at the same time there is all this crap happening outside. I just don’t care to read the news anymore period. But I have remained committed to online meetings. But today its all changing because I suddenly got word some local meetings are starting up again.

Let me just say work was a pain in the my arse tonight. Alright I HAD to get that off my chest!

Before I even started work, a friend who I use to live with and attends local AA meetings, let me know a local meeting was starting again. During break I got several messages for another person of a couple more meetings that have already started up again too. Now I’m hurt.

First thought – why the hell am I always the last one to know these things? Second thought – are you really that important? It took me a while to temper my ego and pride. I work for our AA District as the webmaster. So it would be nice if anyone would let me know so I can update the website. In reality, it really doesn’t matter. It is what it is.

It’s going to be nice seeing old faces. Perhaps we’ll see new ones too? Honestly it’ll be nice just to be able to get out of my house. Wait..another email. Another meeting notification. Whatever **chuckle**….so be it.

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