Opinion: COVID new norms

Perhaps I just need to keep this to myself. However, I have found when I have such deep thoughts about such subjects it is best to get them off my chest. We now live in a different world then we did at the beginning of 2020. Yet people are still ignorant over protections put in place for everyone.

This pandemic has ravaged our world. Hundreds of thousands of died. Perhaps if people would take this pandemic seriously, we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in today. But I also realize I can’t force others to do something they are not willing to do whether educated or not. What drives me mad are two things: complete disregard for others and blaming others who have no control of the situation. Let me explain.

Locally, the only news I read about the pandemic are “exposure alerts”. Everyone knows where I work, so my exposure is potentially very high. However, my employer has gone above and beyond to ensure the public is protected to the best of their ability. On the other hand, there are other places of business that continue to disregard their own mandates. Other businesses, whom I’m sure go through hoops, make things happen to appease the public. Yet people complain afterwards certain standards weren’t met putting blame on the owners.

A local convenience store/gas station was put on notice of potential exposure just the other week. As with many other places they have notices posted clearly on the front door, “Masks are required.” Yet, the other day I passed by and saw three people go threw the front door without a mask. To make matters worse, the employee behind the counter had their mask under their chin. I was absolutely appalled. Still today I’m conflicted if to do anything about it. Do I become just like those I speak of when I don’t do something about it myself?

As I listen to a local country music station, they mentioned a recent concert in which attendees didn’t abide by “social distancing”. The organizers most likely wouldn’t have been given permission to put on such an event unless certain standards were met. Some are calling for actions against the organizers of the event.

In reality, this is going to continue to years to come. Something I’ve learned in sobriety is responsibility and accountability for no one else but me. I didn’t like wearing a mask as a certified nurses assistant nor do I like wearing a mask especially now working as a overnight stocker. However, in order to protect myself and others I wear a mask no matter where I go. It’s just become natural for me to grab a mask before I leave my house.

Ignorance is just another name for complete stupidity. Don’t point fingers at anyone else. Look yourself in the mirror.

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