ENG 123 – Persuasive Essay

One of my courses this term at SNHU is ENG 123 – English Composition II. Last week we were asked to come up with a subject related to our field of study which we persuade an audience of our opinion on the matter. The two subjects I researched were artificial intelligence and online learning.

Artificial intelligence (AI) was the first topic which came to mind because I had just watched the movie, Wargames (1983). There are hundreds of other movies made about AI too. I knew there were good arguments for and against the use of AI, thus I would have plenty of sources to refer to in my essay. However, the question of whether I understand the topic or have experience comes up. I don’t.

With COVID-19 changing our lives I thought about the kids, and their parents, struggling with online learning. Again I found a lot of arguments on how online learning either benefits or inhibits a child’s learning experience. I do understand and have experience of online learning which would help in this case. But is it something that relates to my field? I want to say ‘yes’ because it’s software engineers who compile or create the various programs, right?

Part of our assignment was to take the topic and brainstorm, free write or use a looping technique for writing. As mentioned earlier my concentration and focus is severely lacking at present. It’s frustrating because it’s there, I just can’t things down on paper.

This week we’re going to expand and narrow down our topic. For some reason I feel defeated already. I want to scrap both and start fresh. On the other hand, I don’t want to quit and push through to see how it all comes out.

I’ve spent the last four hours reading all the material. Perhaps it’s time to take a break. I’m going to switch to my math coursework to see what’s expected this week.

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