I Just Don’t Get It

So I thought my frustrations would be done with last week, as all milestones were completed. Yet, my English instructor is frustrating me to no ends. She has not responded to several emails I have sent. Her instructions are so confusing.

First she sends out an ‘Announcement’ at the beginning of the week which contradicts the assignments were are given for the week. So I sent an email each week because I was confused. She didn’t respond, so I did I thought was the ‘right thing to do’. Still got an ‘A’ on the assignments in the past.

Last week, I assumed we were suppose to send the final draft of our paper. The grading rubric has a possible of 225 points for the Summative Assessment: Persuasive Essay. Thus, I did everything and submitted my final paper.

Yet, the ‘Announcement” this week says, “After you’re finished with revision, you’ll post your final revised paper in 8-2.” It just doesn’t make sense when the score for the 8-2 assignment is just 70. Am I missing something?

I just got an email about course evaluations. It ain’t going to be pretty, but do I want to screw myself? My advisor also wants an update. Does honestly play a part or should I be silent and just lie..it’s just not like me. I’m going to sit on this for a day or two. I just don’t get it!

**head to desk**

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