Happy Holidays Everyone

I wanted to take the time to thank everyone visiting these pages over the last year. It’s been a struggle for everyone with the pandemic. In the midst of it all, I had obstacles myself but I pulled through. As we begin to wrap up the final weeks of 2020, we can only hope 2021 will be better.

One of two of my final grades at SNHU was posted. I received an ‘A’ in Quantitative Analysis (math). However, I’m still waiting for the English instructor to post the final grade. It should also be an ‘A’ since I rocked a 255/255 for the persuasive essay milestone, Artificial Intelligence – The End of Humanity. I am looking forward to the next term starting January 4, 2021: Introduction to Scripting and History 100.

In November I put in a vacation request for next week Sunday through Wednesday which was approved. To my surprise (and their mistake), I am not scheduled for Saturday. So, I get an unexpected five day vacation! Something definitely needed right now. There is a rift with a co-worker who use to drive me to work. He decided to leave early one day stranding myself and another After several text messages he didn’t respond. The next day he wouldn’t even talk to me. Don’t know what happened nor is it any of my business. I’m going to have to make changes when I get back to work next week. It just reminds me I can’t be dependent on others.

During this break in college and work, I’ve decided to do two things: genealogy and play my game, Achaea . The genealogy project is something I’ve been working on for decades. Every now and then I have to put it aside because no new records or information is available. Then I pick it up, input and new information and put it away later only to repeat the process in a couple of months. Achaea is a text-character based game I’ve played for decades. It’s just not the game but an opportunity for me to keep up on my computer coding skills. To be honest, I haven’t enjoyed the new content but it’s the only social opportunity I have available to me. Both projects keep me busy for hours too!

At some point I may do a “Year in Review 2020” post. Besides the pandemic, a lot happened in my life. I’ve had ups and downs, accomplishments and failures. I always try to write a review either public or private as part as a way to review what I need to change in the future. It’s a way for me to put the past behind me so I have a clear picture for my future.

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday. Whatever you celebrate – Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule or the other various holidays across the world and the New Year. We can only hope 2021 brings tidings for us all.

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