Another Term Starts . . .

As many of you know I’m attending SNHU to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in Software Engineering. I think this is the third, perhaps 4th term; Terms just blend in together when they go back to back. Last term I excelled in HIS100 – Perspectives in History and IT140 – Introduction to Scripting. This term is also going to be challenging with HIS200 – Applied History and MAT140 – Precalculus (that is how they spell it??).

Work remains the same, “Same shit..different day” but I toned done my mouth quite a bit, just nodded and concentrated on what I need to do for the day. It’s best for my mental health and my continued employment. More broken promises, the blame game, hypocrisy at its best and clashing of egos (including mine at times) is just exhausting. Therefore, instead of giving in to it all, I’m just going to ignore it. Now all I hear is, “Wha….wha…wha….wha”, then nod my head and get back to work.

I was able to order a new hard drive for my old computer. The computer which I ordered on the fly isn’t the best (memory wise) and freezes quite often with all my apps and webpages open. It was frustrating. Luckily, the installation of a hard drive is much easier these days, from those in the past, so it took like two minutes. Loaded Windows, another easy installation, and I’m done.

In a way, I’ve found my quiet, comfortable self again; the Self I enjoy to be with to move through this world. I just hope it stays for a while. I missed it!

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