Struggling with College

I made the mistake to think that week one was an easy week. Both the history and math class plunged right into complete new material. I am seriously having doubts of completing the degree. There is a great amount of time needed to read, study and take exams and with my schedule, I fail at all three.

A bit of history – I took calculus back in high school (1989). Do I or have I used any of it? Not to my knowledge. The point is I am retaking some math classes because of the time lapse. Honestly, I thought I would whiz through them. But it’s just not the case. Knowing this, I have to spend more time reading, practicing and being very careful to ensure I have the right answers. Yes, I could cheat and look on the Internet. It’s never been me. I want to learn and comprehend it. Getting answers off the Internet is just stupid.

History is another problem area. I got to a point last term where I began to like history. Now I’m back to disliking it. For this term we have to write a 4-6 page analysis essay of a historical event that affected American society. Last week we had to come up with a topic and one (or a few, like I did) research questions. This week we have to find primary and secondary sources, post something in the discussion board about them and do a bunch of other things. UGH! **pull hair**

I guess I’m just having a moment….luckily on my “designated day off” which I am NOT going to change. It’s simply on my mind. I want to do research for history and/or do math. But obviously I need the break too.

I need sleep, that is what I need. I’ll tackle this tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Struggling with College

  1. Deep breaths.
    I don’t think anyone uses calculus. My 25 years as an engineer have never included a calculus equation that I had to figure out by myself.

    That said, my son is in grade 12 calculus and if I read the information I can follow along. Don’t underestimate yourself. A little focused work will take you far.

    As for history…look for an event that interests you. Make it fun. Or at least useful.

    You can do it.

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