Self Doubt & WM

Things thus far have been quite smooth, until now. Once again, I’m battling self-doubts of completing this Bachelor’s degree. The IRS has ‘delayed’ both my tax refund and stimulus checks. WM is getting insane again. It’s just piling up . . . higher, higher and higher. I just need a reminder to breathe.

I believe I mentioned I was struggling at SNHU. Precalculus is just not clicking with me. History is just boring as hell. Typically I’m a really good math student. But for some reason, perhaps its just age, my mind just doesn’t want to comprehend the material. I literally take notes, yet when it comes to solving problems, I freeze. Everything I just learned in ‘activities and participation’ just disappears, as if I never read it at all. Then I get to the homework, referred to as Problem Set – just forget it. I’m stubborn, most of the time, wanting to do it on my own and not get dependent on the Internet for answers. They are there, they are tempting but it defeats the purpose; it’s just cheating and laziness getting answers just to pass a class. In the history class it’s literally a repeat of the same material from HIS100, just different subjects. Bottom line – I can’t get engaged with the material. I just don’t know what I’m going to do.

I filed my taxes at the beginning of the year. No because of the stimulus checks its delayed. Also my stimulus check is delayed too – no explanation there. The last stimulus payment, I got it in the first round so I’m not sure what the hold up is this time. In reality, it doesn’t matter. It’s going to sit and gain interest anyway when I get it.

Meanwhile, I’m sure everyone heard about the Walmart employee raises. It’s true. In New York, we were bumped to $15. I just received a 2% annual this check. I’m told, for some reason I must have missed it in our morning meeting, we’re getting a more extensive raise come April 1st. This was relayed from our boss from HR on expected raises because people apparently were bugging him, so he asked (<–good for him!) We’ll see when it hits my check. I’m just hesitant to believe what is being told to me, honestly. But if it happens, good. If it doesn’t, I won’t be disappointed.

So there is the good and bad.

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