The New Attitude is Working

When I returned to work recently, I was committed to changing my attitude: I can’t change anything but I can change how I react to things. It seems to be working quite well. Yet most days after work I’m still drained physically, mentally and emotionally.

I realize as I get older, I can’t do things I use to do. Unfortunately, I have to slow down or I’m going to end up hurting myself. For instance, on Sunday night, I pulled pallet after pallet of various items (18 total) to ensure I get my own work done. I have accepted this is something I can not sidestep like my co-workers do on a daily basis. It turns into a double edged sword because if its not done, I get called out for “not doing what is required for my job”. At the same time if I do, I get called out for “you need to work faster”. I have all these arguments in my head which I keep to myself. But its best to keep them to myself and just do what I can, period. Besides it is just all talk from management with no consequences for the employees day in and day out.

I have realized no one cares, nor is anything going to change. In the past I would offer suggestions, somethings with an attitude, which goes no where but harm to myself. I’ve simply stopped. All day long its nothing but continuous complaints from co-workers where I just nod in agreement then walk away. There is simply nothing anyone of us can do about it, period. In order to keep my own sanity in check, it best I do what needs to be done to the best of my ability, go home for the day and leave it at the door.

In a recent chat with the management team, someone said directly at me, “You’re just here to earn a paycheck.” Ummm….okay. Laughing hysterically in my head I just walk away. Sometimes it just best to laugh at a situation and let it be.

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