A Side of the Coin Seen to Many Times

In my past years of drinking I have gone to work many times I should have just called in and not gone at all. Instead I dismissed my life and those of others driving to work. Then worked shifts sometimes twelve hours long, creating turmoil on the way because I couldn’t handle the extreme withdrawals. Now on the other side of the coin, I have seen it again and again in my co-workers. Unfortunately, this time I’m the one a co-worker is pointing the finger as a a “snitch”.

Should I care? Nope. Don’t give a damn. He did it himself. Been there, done that myself. I don’t care to get involved.

On Thursday night into Friday morning, I was working with this co-worker who I noticed from the moment I met him at work he was drunk. No slurring words or unable to maintain balance. Though he is a danger to me and others I know management won’t do anything, so I just ignore him. He’s quite the chatter box with those glassy covered eyes as I just nod my head to whatever he says. Typically he’s a good worker but instead he was obviously so confused turning around here and there, “Oh it’s on the other side”…”Well shit where did they move that to?” Right after lunch, I was approached by management who notified me he was sent home.

Sunday night into Monday morning (today), his faced revealed how really pissed he was to be working. I ignored it but got hints from others and a gut instinct that told me this was just the beginning. As I turned a corner with a pallet of freight to pull to the floor, I see a death stare from him. I ignored it and kept working. Other people who are close to him were treating me different. Childish as it is, I ignored it too. Didn’t have any contact with him until later in (my) evening.

Both him and I were working in close proximity. I need to put something on the top shelve and needed a stair cart. I asked him and his retort was, “Don’t talk to me Michael. I know what you did the other night. Just don’t talk to me!” Alright then.

I did after this conversation told management they need to ensure that neither of us work together period. Otherwise, I can not and will not promise I will be able to keep my composure if he verbally attacks me again. I don’t care if I get terminated, I will tell him, “Wait, you accuse me when you did this to yourself? Just don’t”. I can only HOPE it doesn’t happen. It’s already a disservice that he was ALLOWED to come back to work after they another employee go just a month ago to two for the same reason.

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