Back to the Grind

As mentioned back in a March post, MPE Time Out, I left my job. Not the best decision I’ve made in years but it has given me time to get my mental, physical and emotional states back to normal. There was one person who kept tabs on my welfare which I’m grateful. Now I’ve made the decision to go back with a different perspective.

At the beginning of March 2022, I was absolutely drained. I was simply tired of fighting working in a toxic environment. I wasn’t willing to put up a concrete wall. Instead my ego got the best of me. I had to take a step back to say, “Hey, what a minute. What the hell are you doing?”

There was one person, a co-worker, who helped through that process. She and I had conversations on my welfare because she knew I was at my breaking point. At one point, I asked her, “How do you manage to get by day to day (or night by night, in our case)?” Once again she pointed to the fact nothing is going to change – ever. Whether I agree or disagree with anything, it doesn’t matter. Selfish people are only concerned about one thing – themselves. They are going to do things which only make themselves look good to everyone else no matter what the cost – they simply don’t care. Her suggestion was to simply ignore everyone else around you, do what you do, simply say ‘okay’ and do it without question. Clock in for the night, do your thing, clock out. We’re not responsible for the decision made nor are we responsible for the consequences of those decisions. We may not like what happens but its going to happen and we just have to accept it leaving it at the door when we leave for the night. It took time to digest and convince myself it was the best plan if I decided to go back.

At the beginning of May, I decided it was time and to go back to something I’m familiar with. I just have to ‘change my tune’. I have confidence I can do it. If I have to act like a robot ignoring everything around me letting it slide off me like raindrops, it isn’t going to be easy but I think I can get to a comfortable normality, if that makes sense.

After a week of reapplying, I called to check on the status of my application. After a short conversation I was told my application would be considered again. Some people are apparently leaving the overnight shift. However, before I can be rehired, those Associates records have to be properly handled. In summary, she will call me back but can’t put any specific date when it will happen. It’s my understanding, four people left or were terminated in the last two weeks. In addition, three new hires started but only one returned after the first day of work (which is typical). The person I spoke to has been out for a couple of days herself and is known not to be expedient. So I have to wait and I’m good with it.

I’m also going to actively see what other employers are offering. There isn’t much, due to my own limitations, either transportation or skills, available to me but it won’t hurt to apply, have an interview if they are interested and see what happens. Based on past experience, I can’t just sit around and wait for things to happen – things aren’t going to mysteriously fall in my lap!

The War of Two Egos

As mentioned earlier, I’m about to start college . . . again . . . to obtain my Bachelors in Computer Science with an emphasis in Software Engineering. Things are about to get crazy. I’m at little freaked out about what is going to happen in the next eight weeks.

First thought – what the f**k are you thinking? You have a full-time job AND you’re about to take on a full-time schedule in college? Right now I’m probably in the best phase of my life I’ve ever lived. Peaceful. Yet a part of me feels like were inviting chaos into my life which we all know always goes sideways. We’ve been down this road – you failed. Why are you putting yourself on this road – again?

While my life may seem to be peaceful, I don’t feel fulfilled. There is part of me which isn’t happy where I am. I want more. I expect better for myself. There is a void in me needing to be filled.

I can try to convince myself, “You can do this.” It’s a lie. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a dark room flailing my arms around trying to figure my way out. Scared out of mind, about to shit my pants looking for damn light switch danging from above only to find out its not there and bang – damn that wall – f**k me.

A glimpse of what’s goes on in my head – scary actually:

Isn’t this called self-sabotage? You have finally reached the starting point of a major goal in your life. Yet, you want to quit before you even get started? You’re better than this.

Perhaps but . . .

Remember, anything past the ‘but’ is a lie . . .

Oh shut up . . .

You know I’m right! Bitch!

This is just one of those moments in life I need to take three deep breaths, slowly inhale, slowly exhale all the while listening to Tibetan singing bowls in the background. I always feel much better even after a couple of minutes. I really should do such things more often!

In reality, this is not happening today or tomorrow. It’s not happening until next week. Why am I getting myself all curled up like a rattlesnake, shaking that tail about to strike with deadly fangs? Because I’m human. It’s a basic human emotion called fear!

Snap out of it!

This is one of the reasons I miss writing even if it’s to myself. I get the impression I have two versions of myself. A strong, confident type who has gone through enough shit in his life. He says just do it like a blacksmith bringing down a hammer on a hot piece of metal on an anvil, sparks flying all over the place. Slow and steady, my boy! On the other hand, there is the (still) meek, timid, always nervous man who wants to succeed but doubts still rise from the ashes of his past failures. Sometimes it’s quite the battle going on up there.

Enough. There are others time too, I get tired of myself talking like this to myself. It’s done. I made the commitment, I enrolled. I am registered for classes and purchased books. There is no turning back. Besides, it’s not today. Literally don’t worry about it right now or even at all.

I need to enjoy the some peace and quiet right now. Next week it’s going to be a whole new ball game. This battle is probably now over. It may have just started **cringe**

I admit I am strange . . .

Practicing Principles in Life

I’m not one to celebrate minor milestones like the eleven months of sobriety I have today. When I turn to quiet introspection of “what it use to be like, what happened and what is like now” for myself, it always happens to be on a monthly anniversary. The world around me has changed drastically in the last month. Most importantly, I have changed. Isn’t that the whole point of sobriety?

The hardest lesson for me during the last eleven months of sobriety is watching ego and pride. Isn’t that what go me here in the first place? I became so selfish and self-centered. Nothing else mattered; I wanted what I wanted, when I wanted it, I wanted it two weeks ago and I would do anything to get it. There was a feeling of entitlement; I deserved it for all the hard work I put in or the pain I went through. Complete and utter BULLSHIT!

After going through the Fourth (4th) Step I began to understand again where I had done. All that guilt, shame, fear, insecurity, etc. was brought to the forefront – again. There were “defects” I didn’t address the last time I was sober. I knew they existed but did nothing about them. This time I have made a point of working on them. Thus I have seen a definite change, a needed change.

As I continue to do what I need for my sobriety, I see others shy away from me. Recently, both roommates have just gotten very distant. Today, I’m actually okay with the whole change of scenery. I’m no longer wanting companionship, approval, friendship from those people who are not allowing me to move forward. They have their own problems. They are walking down their own paths to recovery or relapse. I would offer my help but both are unwilling, close minded and just reverting back to their selfish self-centered behaviors. I don’t want to use the cliche, “Been there, done that” but its true. It lead me to path I never (and don’t have to) ever travel down again.

Today I’m more aware of myself and those around me. It’s important for me to USE to “spiritual tools laid at my feet”. If I don’t, I just have to look at my past. Instead, as instructed, I look at myself and the part I played daily. Had I been selfish, dishonest, self-seeking or afraid? If not, I move on. If so, I know what I need to do immediately. Do I get hurt my others? Yes. However, today I’m not angry or resentful. It is what it is.

I have a sense of peace and serenity in my life. I’m happy to be where I am today. I’m grateful to be alive, sober and “practicing these principles in all my affairs”.