All Settled In – The First Real Weekend

Technically, this will be my second weekend in my new home. Last weekend was filled with a lot of confusion, running around more than I wanted to and getting use to my new surroundings. So I’m pressing the reset button. I have a few small projects I need to get completed.

First, I need to install at least one window shade, if not all of them – all eleven of them. I have three in the kitchen, three in the living room, three in the master bedroom, one in the entry way and one in the bathroom. Right now I have sheets covering them in the bedroom and two pillow cases covering the one in the bathroom. I’m going to do the horizontal blind route. There are approximately $10.00 each at Wal-mart. Besides, this is something out of my comfort zone. If it’s not computer related, I typically have someone else do it.

According to city records, this house was built in 1904. The windows are the sliding wood (with a pull cord back in the day). It’s been painted over several times. So I’ve measured the windows. Nine of them at 27.75 x 52.25 inches. I can’t mount the blind inside, so I’m going to mount them on the outside but there is another 3.75 in border on each side. So, if I do my math right, I figured a 34 x 64 blind should fit. We’ll see. I’ll just buy one, try the install and if it fits and looks right, then go back and get the rest.

Project #2 is not going to get started this weekend because I was deceived by my own faults. I have a very old laptop, Windows 10 is almost useless but I run Ubuntu which makes it doable, except I can’t watch videos. So I bought a Dell OptiPlex 3010 SFF PC | i5-3470 3.2GHz | 4GB RAM 250GB HDD computer last night for $150.00. It’s a desktop but I can upgrade it easily (I can add memory, graphics card, etc.). It’s a step up. I thought it would arrive on Tuesday, instead it won’t arrive until next week. Damn that small print. But it’s okay, I still have this one to work with for now.

The point of this weekend, Monday and Tuesday for me, is just to relax. I thought perhaps it would be pleasant outside like today. It’s over 70°F but drops back down to 50°F tomorrow with passing showers. Bummer for me but I’ll manage. I also have other small projects like creating a budget, genealogy and some other things in mind. So all won’t be lost.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. My starts in 13 hours! Oh, am I counting each hour right now!