All Settled In – The First Real Weekend

Technically, this will be my second weekend in my new home. Last weekend was filled with a lot of confusion, running around more than I wanted to and getting use to my new surroundings. So I’m pressing the reset button. I have a few small projects I need to get completed.

First, I need to install at least one window shade, if not all of them – all eleven of them. I have three in the kitchen, three in the living room, three in the master bedroom, one in the entry way and one in the bathroom. Right now I have sheets covering them in the bedroom and two pillow cases covering the one in the bathroom. I’m going to do the horizontal blind route. There are approximately $10.00 each at Wal-mart. Besides, this is something out of my comfort zone. If it’s not computer related, I typically have someone else do it.

According to city records, this house was built in 1904. The windows are the sliding wood (with a pull cord back in the day). It’s been painted over several times. So I’ve measured the windows. Nine of them at 27.75 x 52.25 inches. I can’t mount the blind inside, so I’m going to mount them on the outside but there is another 3.75 in border on each side. So, if I do my math right, I figured a 34 x 64 blind should fit. We’ll see. I’ll just buy one, try the install and if it fits and looks right, then go back and get the rest.

Project #2 is not going to get started this weekend because I was deceived by my own faults. I have a very old laptop, Windows 10 is almost useless but I run Ubuntu which makes it doable, except I can’t watch videos. So I bought a Dell OptiPlex 3010 SFF PC | i5-3470 3.2GHz | 4GB RAM 250GB HDD computer last night for $150.00. It’s a desktop but I can upgrade it easily (I can add memory, graphics card, etc.). It’s a step up. I thought it would arrive on Tuesday, instead it won’t arrive until next week. Damn that small print. But it’s okay, I still have this one to work with for now.

The point of this weekend, Monday and Tuesday for me, is just to relax. I thought perhaps it would be pleasant outside like today. It’s over 70°F but drops back down to 50°F tomorrow with passing showers. Bummer for me but I’ll manage. I also have other small projects like creating a budget, genealogy and some other things in mind. So all won’t be lost.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. My starts in 13 hours! Oh, am I counting each hour right now!

4 thoughts on “All Settled In – The First Real Weekend

  1. thesoberraccoonreturns

    I hope the blinds project goes well. Also – I wish I had your technology wisdom!! – My partner calls me a ‘techno vortex’ because I break machines/computers/anything technology related really just by being near them!! It happens all the time, even when I pay for things in shops, their till and card machine just break down when it’s my turn to pay!! 😂😂 I must be static or something. So pleased to hear you are settling in and getting some down time 👍 xxx

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    1. The blind project didn’t go as well as planned. I thought a regular screwdriver would work, however these windows have solid wood edge frames. I don’t have the strength to screw in even one bracket. Power tools needed sadly. I think I’ll just use window coverings and tack them up using push pins. No one will know the difference unless they are inside which will rarely if ever happen.

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      1. thesoberraccoonreturns

        Oh no!! That’s so frustrating. I hope you didn’t get too mad at it. Stuff like that always makes me fume!! It’s great you gave it a go though 😊👏🏻 …just a thought… have you seen that ridiculously (and I mean INSANE ridiculous) strong tape you can buy online? I saw some on Pinterest. My partner bought some because it comes in handy for all sorts of things at his work. It can stick and hold up even really heavy things to flat surfaces and walls and can also be put on burst pipes to stop water leaks and all sorts. It’s double sided too if you peel off the outside strip. Just thought it might be worth a try for attaching your brackets. Not as expensive as a power tool & all the attachments etc.
        😊 xxx

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