COVID-19 Rant

I’m one of those who are NOT all panicked about COVID-19. To be honest, I’m sick of all the negativity and constant reminders of the current pandemic. For me its a normal day. Use normal hygiene – washing hands regularly and not coming in close contact with people. Wait that’s not good enough. New word —> “social distancing” – are you kidding me?

At work they literally have signs on the floor reminding people to keep at least six feet from the person in front of them. This morning I was told I went out the wrong door from work (Employees are no longer suppose to go out the normal front door anymore? I didn’t get the memo). This whole situation is beyond insane – it’s just plain stupid. So be it.

It just makes common sense to me, COVID-19 or not, to wash your hands on a regular basis. Basic soap and water is the best disinfectant. Running luke warm water, a dap of soap and foaming your hands for at least 20 seconds is the first thing taught in nursing school.

Who really should be careful? Young kids don’t have developed immune systems. The elderly having failing immune systems. Especially those who have any compromise in their health should be especially careful.

I’m not dismissing the seriousness of this disease. It is serious for the population I mentioned above (young, elderly, compromised health). The common person might get it, feel like a really bad flu, then recover. Mentioning how many people have died, how many are infected, who is losing their jobs, how it affecting the financial markets and all the other negativity only causes the panic we’re now in.

Perhaps helping someone because they are at risk would be the right thing to do today? Call a neighbor who is elderly. Do you need anything from the store? Alight, I’ll get this and that for you. I’ll call you and drop it off at your door. Leave money in an envelope under the doormat or in the mail box.

Here is the reason for my complaint. People I know bitch about how they are at home all the time, with the kids and it’s driving them bat crazy. Really? Yet, when you’re working we think, “Is the weekend here yet?” “When can I schedule my next vacation?” “I don’t spend enough time with the kids. I wish I had more time.” Now we all got our wish, so take advantage of it.

Alright the Corona virus (COVID-19) rant is over.

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