From Better to Worse

Sometimes life throws curve balls. I’ve tried to tell myself, “Just roll with the punches. But sometimes that is hard. Really hard.

For weeks now I’ve been wanting to move to my own apartment. There isn’t a single apartment available in the area. No one is returning calls or multiple emails I send. Fine, I get it – COVID-19.

Work is ramped up because its one of the few retail places left open. Not having customers in the store in the middle of the night is nice. But the expectation is we can get a lot more done. So the work piles on.

Things should be done the right way. Instead I ask one person, I get one answer. Ask another, get another answer. Next day, “Why this..why that?” My response, “Ask [my superior] who told me to do it that way.” “Well, it should have been done this way…” Really – no shit. If you communicated to the crew, Hey we’re in a difficult situation right now but the same rules apply as if was a normal work environment, you wouldn’t have this shit going on. Typical work crap that I try to keep at work but sometimes it follows me home.

Working seven days, for whatever reason, doesn’t help. I’m tired, exhausted, yet someone doesn’t want to inquire with the person that made the schedule to see if indeed it was a mistake. My hope is I report to work, they question why I’m there and I get sent home and two days off. We all know that isn’t going to happen right now. So I’m on day six of seven. Throw productivity out the window.

Then when I’m outside, a person from the rooms informs me they are having a meeting next door. Really, a meeting in a house with 18 residents, one staff member. Are you kidding me? I’m not setting foot in the place – period.

What was reported on the news apparently the attendance policy isn’t as proposed or as I understood it. I thought it was waived until the end of April. Now I’m told if people are uncomfortable coming to work and just call off, its unexcused and regular attendance policy applies. If anyone is even exposed to COVID-19, the MUST self-isolate, notify the store and there is a possibility the store closes. All this with no pay. You only get paid if you’re a confirmed COVID-19 case with a doctor’s confirmation.

Which brings me to my employment status. I found out I wasn’t considered full-time until Sunday night. I’ve been asking and asking, “I haven’t forgot about you.” Well it nice to know my status was changed Sunday, now I get screwed in the two bonuses coming to employees this week because my status wasn’t changed to full time.

Despite all this, honestly, I have even thought about drinking. It hasn’t even crossed my mind. I haven’t changed what I do for my sobriety, especially right now. I’m grateful and know I just have to give it time.

“Give it Time….Time Takes Time…its’ only temporary” – not liking those sayings right now.


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