Mr. Procrastinator

Just call me Mr. Procrastinator because I always put things off until the last minute. Whether its small or large it can always be done tomorrow, right? Case in point is actively looking for a new apartment to move by May 1, 2020. After speaking to my current roommate, who is also moving by the first of the month, I decided to sit down and just get it done. Now I have five appointments in the next four days.

Honestly, I despise moving. I like being comfortable. Don’t we all? But I also recognize I can’t stay where I am – a supportive living chemical dependency program. I need to move independently on my own – the quicker the better. The point is I need to take responsibility and turn into a big boy again. Ah man, do I have to?

There is just so much stress in moving to a new place – the “what if’s”. I remember in a meeting people talking about such things in sobriety. We imagine these terrible thing are going to happen – the impending doom. Once we take the jump there might be stumbling along the way but in the end we survive maybe with a couple of minor scratches.

But I know from experience, once I get settled in I’ll love it. Almost everything is set in place anyway. So I’m not sure why I’m so worried.

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