Apartment Search

I finally got off my duff to look at two apartments today. The first was probably a no go, the second had promise. Across the street was an apartment complex I didn’t know existed. Tomorrow is another showing downtown. Lastly, I was going to look at a house to rent but decided it’s way out of my league. So by May 1, 2020, I should be moving.

I really had no motivation after work this morning to view apartments. Luckily I have a roommate who’s given me the extra motivation. He and I took a short walk to two apartments this morning.

This first wasn’t promising at all. The apartment is not ideal at all. It was a one bedroom, very small bathroom with really no space at all, small living room (an old entry way) and the bedroom (which looked like the old living room located in the front. The landlord is still in the process of “fixing it up”. There wasn’t much to look at. So I thanked him and moved on down the street to another showing.

The second was a two bedroom in my price range. While I don’t need a two bedroom, it would allow me to have my bedroom and a office, man-cave, computer room. There was sufficient living room, bathroom, closet space, etc. It is just old. Old wood flooring (almost looked like linolien put over the original wood floor), outdated cabinets, and a ten windows with no shades or blinds). I won’t say it’s not doable for the amount he’s asking. My gut, unless the other apartment I see tomorrow is better or the apartment complex offers me a place, this place may be my new home.

Across the street from the first place is an apartment complex I didn’t know existed. I thought perhaps it was specifically for “senior citizen living”. It boasts, “Workforce Housing for the City of Oneida” offering one to three bedrooms starting at $580. Now that’s in my price range! Looks like its a couple years old, so I filled out an application and hope they respond quickly.

I do have another showing tomorrow. It’s downtown. While I’m not to happy about the area and it would add another 15 minutes to my walk to and from work. I shouldn’t talk myself out of it until I see it. So I’ll leave it at that.

There was a two bedroom home for rent. But the area was flooded back a couple years ago. The landlord said another party owns the home who is out of town and it hasn’t been rented in over a year due to repairs. After careful thought, it would really out of my price range when you include electricity, water, garbage, snow removal, etc. It’s just not financially feasible.

I’m exited to finally get through this phase of my life. My roommate mentioned “moving is stressful”. While I agree with him, I’ve moved from place to place all in one day several times in the past. I always pack early and end up getting new furniture where I move to because it’s just easier. The bed, frame and box spring have been delivered to my current address, so everything else will come in time. Like my sobriety, I keep it simple.

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