I’m Moving – The Next Chapter in Life

It’s finally happening – I’m moving. I found a two-bedroom for a reasonable price which is closer to work in a nice neighborhood. It is an opportunity I couldn’t pass up so I jumped on it. Now to deal with all the anxiety of moving.

First, I had to order a bed. That was my main priority. Everything has already arrived this week from Walmart. I ordered a full size bed, box spring and metal frame. Done.

Second was internet service. I was getting nervous because I couldn’t get contact Spectrum in the last couple of days. I finally spoke to them this morning. Everything was taken care of and by the time I move in the equipment should be at the new place. No technician required.

I’m responsible for electricity. The provider in the area is National Grid. Since electricity is already turned on in the landlords name it will be a simple switch once I email them the lease I sign on Saturday.

I won’t be actually moving until Monday, April 27. I’ve arrange for the residential program to help me move. I have minimal stuff to be packed and loaded in the van. It should only take one trip. Then I’ll be done here.

So why I’m I anxious if everything is set in place?

As with many things recovering addicts deal with – the past. We’ve been here before and failed. Something along the way got screwed up. Sometimes I wonder if I haven’t jumped the gun somewhere. Am I missing something? What haven’t I accounted for?

In reality its all in my head. Instead I need to sit back and relax. I simply need to do what I’ve been doing for the last year and a half. Just take it One Day at a Time. It’s time to turn the page in the Book of Life and write something new and exciting.

No fear, no suffering . . .

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