It’s Moving Day

Quite note:

All things have gone well.

The point again is:

If you don’t expect things to happen YOUR WAY, you won’t be disappointed!

RIP Joe T (03/28/2017)

All things are packed in the van ready to go. FedEx should have the Internet modem delivered by end of day. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get any sleep ‘cus I still have roll the bed out after I move all my stuff. And I haven’t had dinner – cooking meal in new home at some point. It’s been a long year and half plus but no the real challenges start. I’m looking forward to my new life in sobriety!

See ya’ll on the flip side . . .

2 thoughts on “It’s Moving Day

  1. thesoberraccoonreturns

    So pleased for you that it’s all going smoothly-ish! Maybe a good excuse for a takeaway pizza tonight? 🤔 No cooking mess to deal with and no having to find where you packed all the cooking utensils either!


    1. I work at Wal-mart so I spend money on basics (i.e. bed, frame, box spring, cooking utensils, pots and pans, etc.). Now I just have to get food in the house – which I’m going to start doing after work each night.

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