Change is Always Good

The monotony of life was beginning to really start to bring on some bad ju-ju. As you may have heard, Wal-mart, is making some changes. This is good and bad news. I’ve decided to go back to college to earn my Bachelors in Computer Science with emphasis on Software Engineering. Life is going to get a whole lot more interesting.

For what ever reason, Walmart has decided to make some sweeping changes throughout its stores during this pandemic. The managers and supervisors all had to apply for new positions. Instead of overlapping assistant managers during the week, we will only have one. At a lower level, the number of supervisors are also going to be cut. Both our overnight managers are leaving for other stores while they bring another who use to work the overnights in the past. How they are going to restructure the rest of the crew is still unknown but happening soon. It doesn’t appear my employment is in jeopardy but when restructuring on this magnitude happens one can never know the end result.

The retail business is not the ideal employment for me. It’s really physically and mentally demanding. While I get by day by day I am completely exhausted at week’s end where I sleep much more than another other time during the week. One might say it’s slowing killing me? Evidence of this is my periodic blood pressure checks which have increased dramatically. I’m back to fighting bad hypertension and it scares me.

I graduated from a local community college with an Associates in Computer Science Information Systems in 2011. I have not been able to establish a career in the field. Instead I’ve found jobs were I can get them. I decided to use the resources of my employer to invest more in my future education. Doing so requires me to stay at my job for quite a while but most of my education is paid by my employer. Yet, part of me is still skeptical this is going to work out. I’m still $25, 000 in debt from my last education experience and it’s gotten me no where but I big education debt I’m still paying for the rest of my life.

It may sound as if I’m not confident in the future. I will admit there is a small about of fear. Through these experiences I’ve learned no to expect anything and just let the pieces of the puzzle fall in place. Change is always good.

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